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Για την πιο αστραφτερή και luxus επιδερμίδα που είδατε ποτέ!

ΚΕΡΔΙΣΤΕ περισσότερα από 20 ευρώ με αυτό το ΣΕΤ

Προετοιμασία της επιδερμίδας με τη μάσκα μακιγιάζ Ultra-Illuminating Dewy Primer Mask , και απίστευτη λάμψη με τα ολοκαίνουρια Liquid Blush Sunset Glow, Galaxy Fix Stix και  Gentle Glam Eyeshadow Palette

Illuminate the complexion with the Glam Kit. Prime your skin with the Ultra-Illuminating Dewy Primer Mask, before using the Liquid Blush Sunset Glow, Galaxy Fix Stix and the Gentle Glam Eyeshadow Palette for the ultimate Christmas look. 


Kit includes:
Ultra-Illuminating Dewy Primer Mask: Ultimate primer sheet mask preps the skin for smooth and even makeup application whilst delivering instant hydration to the skin. Made with a complex of powerful hydrating and exfoliating properties for a smooth, dewy, healthy looking finish.
Eyeshadow Palette Gentle Glam: Create a subtle smokey look with our NEW Eyeshadow Palette Gentle Glam. Featuring 12 highly pigmented shades from luminous icy shades with shimmer+sparkle to smooth neutral mattes in browns and purples, use this palette to create a sophisticated glamourous look.
Liquid Blush Sunset Glow: Achieve a buildable pop of colour for your face + lips with our concentrated Liquid Blush drops. Simply apply directly to the skin for a flawless injection of colour.
Fix Stix Glow Galaxy: Create the Ultimate Glow with our NEW Fix Stix Glow. With easy and buildable application, this creamy formula blends smoothly onto your skin. Use with Fix Stix Blush and Fix Stix Definition to get selfie ready.